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Some people and groups claiming that they know about Islam properly, they know a lot about the law of Islamic Shari’a law and regulations.

But few of them know that Islam is not religion that is too simple. as well as the notion of jihad, jihad is a complex matter not just destroy the enemy or to make mischief in the entire place. Jihad is our defense as the Islamic ummah. Inside the Jihad, we are entitled to defend our sovereignty, religion, honor, and friendship.

Never in the history of Islam we read that the prophet MUHAMMAD.SAW sacrificing the friends or ordered to kill other Muslims. different from what happened lately in which suicide bombers sacrificing rampant and brethren, and co-religionists. even within Islam is not allowed to do suicide because it is a surrogate ALLAH.SWT lives and not ours. suicide is a deliberate eliminate the provision from ALLAH.SWT and there is no other place of return is in hell. Islam is very strict in this regard. As for death in Jihad is the death in defense of Islam. either by the enemy as well as other things.

In madina who formerly was a prophet of the Hijrah other faiths are protected because they respect the Muslim community there is even a rule “He who disturb people who respect the Jewish people of Islam then he had hurt himself his prophet and his religion”

Here we can see that Islam does not teach terrorism. Too much flow and preformance sect of Islam makes some people make their own laws and the Shari’a. even some that are not in accordance with the Shari’a of Islam so that it raises the understanding of chaos.
Muslims today still mingle among the people who are smart and stupid. most of which are still in ignorance too easy to actually incited the hatred is personal. so many are willing to sacrifice themselves in ignorance …
…………. We hope ALLAH.SWT give way to overcome this ignorance so that the world we live in is to become the village of Medina for all mankind ………..

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Beware the Impact of Egyptian riot   1 comment

In the last week of January 2011, Egypt was rocked by loud demonstrations are increasingly widespread. The movement started by activists who invites the people of Egypt to conduct a joint movement against poverty, unemployment, government corruption, and the rule of President Hosni Mubarak. Protesters urged Mubarak to end his rule that has lasted 30 years, demanding that Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif retreat, and demanded the dissolution of parliament and formation of unity government.

Demonstrators movement that began on Wednesday (01/26/2011) which is a national holiday they throw with the tagline “day of anger”. The mass of demonstrators marched in downtown Cairo, to the office of the ruling National Democratic Party, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the state television. Similar protests were reported in other cities across the country. The clash was inevitable eventually, the police threw tear gas and water cannon against demonstrators who shouted “Get down with Mubarak” in Tahrir Square.

Widespread riots in Alexandria in the Nile Delta town of Mansura, Tanta and in the southern cities of Aswan and Assiut. At the beginning of the riots three protesters and one police officer were killed. protests continued in several cities. Hundreds of people have been arrested, but the protesters say they will not give up until their demands are met. Violence also erupted in the town of Suez, while in the northern Sinai region, precisely in the area Zuweid Sheikh, Bedouin tribes and police involved shooting each other action, killing a 17-year-old teenager. The same thing happened in Ismailia.

Demands and actions inspired by the demonstration said that it was able to overthrow the president continues to try tunisia disbanded by the government. Around 250 people were injured, including 85 policemen, after police antihuru nutrient fired tear gas. Image of the police in Egypt continued to decline, while people still appreciate the military forces. Security officials say nearly 1,000 protesters were arrested. On January 28, internet and SMS in Egypt died, the social networking service Facebook and Twitter disturbed.

The Egyptian government is now getting tougher international pressure, including from its allies the United States. State Department spokesman, Philip Crowley submitted for Arab leaders to work with their community in reform or in monitoring the extremists. “People throughout the Middle East like those everywhere, are looking for an opportunity to contribute and have a role in decisions that will determine their lives,” he said.

“We want to see reforms happening in Egypt and elsewhere, to create greater opportunities in the political, social and economic development consistent with the will of the people,” Crowley said. “The United States is a partner of Egypt and the Egyptians are now in the process, which we believe should be revealed in a peaceful atmosphere,” said the spokesman. While the U.S. foreign minister Hillary Clinton said that the United States supports “the fundamental right of opinion and assembly for all people and we urge all parties to exercise restraint and refrain from violence.”

Now, what could be seen from the riots in Egypt. Riots in Egypt is an initial wave of public protest that want change to move toward a better condition. Area of the popular movement was started in Tunisia, and succeeded in overthrowing President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in January of this. After Egypt and Yemen’s turbulent start to vibrate. Tens of thousands of Yemeni citizens held a demonstration in the capital city of Sana demanded President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has been in power in the last 30 years, retreated. President Saleh, who is known as a Western ally, became the leader of North Yemen in 1978. He also became the leader of the country when South Yemen joined the North in 1990. The last time he was re-elected as president in 2006.

Why protest a wave of those scrolling region? People in these countries ngara want a change to fight poverty, unemployment and government corruption. Protesters were unable to overcome by the police. Panzer-armored security forces have been raided and burned by the masses. President Mubarak seems to have managed to overcome the harsh action demo is happening. In a televised speech, Mubarak promised to implement political and economic reform. He also ordered his Cabinet to resign and promised to appoint a new Cabinet.

On the other side of America as a country even pressing Mubarak supporters not to take violence against peaceful demonstrations and restore communications and Internet services that have been decided. President Barack Obama said President Hosni Mubarak had called for taking concrete measures to fulfill the reforms that have been promised to the people of Egypt. Now the protesters did not care at night and continue to demand for an end to Mubarak’s rule that has lasted 30 years. The buildings continued to burn in Cairo and tanks patrol the streets, which ended the day full of violence and chaos in Egypt.

The impact to Indonesia

What is the relation Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Indonesia? The government in this era of democracy, freedom should be more vigilant, media impressions have no limit motion. Everything is open, all referred to has become the right individual. Freedom belongs to the people in countries that implement a democratic system. Egypt and Indonesia are the countries with democratic systems, poverty is a demand in Egypt, while the problem of poverty is not an alien in Indonesia. Talking about corruption, devastated Egypt because of the demands of demonstrators about corruption, while in Indonesia the problem of corruption is no longer unusual, several cases of the last major case of Gaius and the arrest of 17 politicians were similar picture.

Change, that magic word which we must digest together. The government does not need to give promises and the winds of heaven to its people, pop-small explosion begun here. President SBY visible from the main target, and the media happily publish it. Is not something big starts from the very small? What about the Americans, who always supported fully the country who want to apply the democratic system? Once the protests are loud, rude and extends towards democratic governance in a country, then the words of the standard will be issued, in order not to use violence to protesters. They support the people, so Down to brass tacks.

So, what lessons can we learn from the case of Tunisia, Egypt, and maybe Yemen? We must get together to keep our country, who assumed power as expected mandate of the people, do not need an appointment and a very unpopular speech of the people. We must be vigilant, more ambitious in Indonesia, and many who want us to noisy, unstable and remain ignorant. The goal is only one, people still gullible fool. Likewise for smart people who do not govern, we need to realize that the majority of our people are not smart, easily provoked, riot only a matter of time if the elites do not immediately improve itself and trying to keep the word.

Indications of Egypt which is similar to Indonesia has been almost completely recorded, therefore we must be vigilant, no one could help except ourselves. We can not expect other countries for help, they just want us to think what their system said, go their way, because that interests them. The latter yes they also get lucky right? If something happens in Indonesia, so they ended up just going to pressure the government for not such and such to the people.

Are our people of their people? No, our people are our brothers, the government is also the people we choose for the welfare of this nation. Hopefully this simple article is useful …. Once again please be careful, knowledge and ability in democracy for our people then on the stage to imitate, and Actual examples that can be replicated is the unrest in Egypt. May God protect the Indonesian people that we love together. Amen

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Anti-terrorism movement the Islamic ummah   Leave a comment

A needle in a conservative Islamic movement in India, who is guiding the Taliban, issued a fatwa against terrorism, at a plenary meeting attended by thousands of scholars and the students.

Dar al-Ulum Deoband is a 150-year-old institution who oversees thousands of other pesantren2 in India, who vowed last Saturday in New Delhi to eradicate all forms of terrorism, say senior clerics alone.

“Islam rejects all forms of violence, injustice, violations kedamain, bloodshed, murder and destruction in all bentuk2 aksi2 anything”, said Habibur Rahman, the rector said.

Teachings of the Deoband and the interpretation of Islam is very strict hukum2 (strik) have spread to many countries, including England and Afghanistan.

But Deoband always rejected any relations with the Taliban and many observers had described the Taliban as a naughty child who turned the ideology of Deoband.

Is 13% Muslim population of India – making it the country into the 3rd largest Muslim population in the world, after Indonesia and Pakistan.

Analysts say that fawa is an initial step to solve the problem of terrorism and will bring fresh wind to the 140 million Muslims in India, who feel that the action of some individuals to destroy the image of Islamic society in general.

In this rally, thousands of scholars and students who wore a white turban and attributes of other Muslim gegap welcomed with joy, at the time of “Rahman” read the statement:

“Islam has come down to eradicate all forms of terrorism and spread the spirit of peace”

The senior ulama2 slogan2 echoes of anti-terrorism and many other scholars, who leads plakat2 sounding “Islam means peace” and “Terrorism is the main enemy, should be eradicated.”
The leader invites the faithful scholars who attend to make a pledge to combat all forms of terror aksi2 in any form, so said the witnesses who attended the meeting.

Pran Chopra a political analyst, told Reuters: “This is an awakening awareness of the PD Muslims, the dangers threatening them in the form of terrorism and all forms of accusations associate (to identikkan) Muslims and terrorism” ”
“Response from the Muslim population is very significant … and the fatwa is expected to further development” Chopra said again.
Other religious leaders of his and other political partai2 also called for their support of this book at a fatwa from Deoband.

“Statement of Deoband against terrorism will greatly assist us in fighting this aksi2” said Ravi Shankar Prasad, spokesman of the BJP party in India – Hindu Nationalist parta, in New Delhi on Sunday.

BJP President Rajnath Singh said: “I welcome this, Deoband trying to change all terorsime associated with Muslims”

Orang2 Muslims in India, is assumed to be behind aksi2 bombings in India in 2006, and a bombing attempt in England who failed last year.

Last month, a group who calls itself “Indian Mujahideen” claimed responsibility for bombing an eye out who killed 65 people in Rajasthan. Same group also criticized the Islamic grup2 others via email and the media last month.

Analysts said that such threats will not cause any effect because the more grup2 other religious-based anti-terrorism statements declared open

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Moslem protection for jews history   6 comments

Christians oppressing and torturing Jews in Europe since the Jews believe is the crucified Jesus. When there is no sanctuary for them other than under the auspices of the Islamic world. As a result, they run from Europe to Andalusia (Spain) to avoid the oppression of Christians. That’s where they live quiet and happy with full justice, freedom and security. [1]
Many Oriental Jews [2] emigrated from North Africa and the Middle East to settle in Muslim Andalusia in the early development of Islam there. At the beginning of XIII century, they re-establish an important and influential minority in the Iberian Peninsula. Thus during the period of Muslim rule there, the center and the Oriental Jews from Babylon Sephardik moved to Andalusia. [3]
Not only have protection, even the Jewish people also have important positions in the Islamic government. E. Levi in his book, Islamic Spain in the Age of X, said, “The clerk of mostly Christians or Jews. Position-state position is held by them. They worked for the state in administrative tasks and the military. Among those Jews, there was a Caliph as an ambassador representing the countries of Western Europe. “[4]
When Andalusia fall into the hands of Christians, Jews take refuge with the Muslims to Morocco. In this country they get the protection as they get in Andalusia first. [5] They are also many who move to the Ottoman territory Daula. They could live comfortably and safely from the massacres in Ottoman territory. During that time, Jewish people did not think to separate themselves from the Ottomans. For example, in Jerusalem, in the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Great (1520-1566), Jews lived side by side with Muslims. A number of Jewish visitors from Europe was astonished at the freedom enjoyed by Jews in Palestine. In 1535, David dei Rossi, an Italian Jew, noted that in the Ottoman territory, the Jews even held positions in government, something impossible happened in Europe. He noted, “We are here not to live in exile, but as in their own country.” [6]

Muslim Religious Tolerance Against Jews
As a result of the persecution of Jews in the Iberian Peninsula by the Roman Catholic Church in the VII century, is the reduction in the number of Jews sharply. However, for five centuries after the Muslim government, their number is growing rapidly. Because, during the reign of this Muslim Jewish communities are allowed to run their worship without obstructed. [7]
Religious tolerance was also shown by the Ottoman Turks. Roger Lockyer noted that the Turkish army is the fruit of the tolerance of the Turks against the societies they conquered. Although a large part of the Ottoman Empire’s population was Jewish, and Christian, they are not interested in (forced) conversion of religion. [8]

The contribution of Muslim Intellectuals Against Jews
At the time of the Islamic civilization reached the golden era, not only Muslims who enjoy it. Christians and Jews also have a finger in many benefits. At the time of the Abbasid Caliphate, the Jews had a famous school called Baghdad College of Babylon. Kalam debate among Islamic scholars at that time many of the intellectual influence of Jews. When he emerged Mu’tazila, among the Jews came the flow of ideas adopted Mu’tazila to oppose al-Rabbâniyun sect that dominates the Jewish movement. The sect, founded by ‘Anan bin Dawood (Anan Ben David) on this 762 named Al-Qurrâ’un (Karaites). Of this sect appear Jewish philosophers who trace the Islamic philosophers thought Mu’tazila, such as: Dawud ibn Marwan al-Muqmis Ar-Riqa, Abu Ya’qub al-Bashir, who called Jews Joseph Haruh, Joseh bin Jaudah and Jacob Al-Qarqisyani. [9] Al-Rabbâniyun sect trying to defend their arguments from the attacks of Al-Qurrâ’un sect. However, many take their arguments and Asy’ariyah affected by the flow. From among them emerged Jewish philosophers, such as: Sa’diyah bin Yusuf al-Fayyumi (882-942 AD) a contemporary of Imam Abul Hasan al-Ash’ari. [10] The Jewish philosopher is to pour their thoughts in the book books they have written in Arabic, then translated into Hebrew or Latin. [11]
Meanwhile in Cordova, many Jews who studied various fields of science to the intellectual Muslim. Among the Muslim intellectual who thought rasionalistisnya many philosophers influenced Jewish and Christian are Ibn Rushd (1126-1198). [12] He has a Jewish student named Moses ibn Maimon or Maimonides. Moses ibn Maimon known as an astronomer, divine science, medicine and philosophers. She has essays in the field of philosophy written in Arabic; Dalâlah title Al-Hâ’irin. [13]
The books in various fields of science work of Muslim scholars written in Arabic translated by many Jews and Christians to the Hebrew and Latin languages. Among the books translated by the Jews to the Hebrew language, for example: Al-Islah Majisti work and Aflah Jabir Ibn Al-Kitab Al-Hai’ah work in the field of astronomy Bitruji translated by Moses ben Tibbon in 1247 and 1259, Kitab At – Tasrif work of Abu al-Qasim Az-Zahrawi of medical translated by Shem-Tob ben Isaac, Zad al-Ja’far Ibn Musafi works translated by Moses ben Tibbon, the work of Al-Masawaih about Maridini drugs translated by Jacob of Capua, the work of Ammar ibn Ali of eye disease by Nathan he translated ‘Me’ati, Qanun of Ibn Sina’s medical science is translated in part by Zehariah Gracian and Moses ben Tibbon and overall by Nathan he’ Me’ati in 1279, Arjuza by Ibn Sina and Ibn Rushd’s commentary upon it Ayyub and translated by Moses ben Tibbon, and many other books.

by. love moslem

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Jewish betrayal of the covenant with the Muslims   Leave a comment


.B i s m i I I a r h i r a h m a a n i r r a h i m

This is the writing of Muhammad peace and blessings alaihi wa Salam for the Believers and the Muslims of Quraysh and Yathrib, the people who join them and fight with them. Indeed they are a people who differ from one human and another. The Muhajitin of Quraysh remained in the tradition of Islam allowed them, they pay Diyat (homicide compensation, or pencideraan) to some other yanq, redeem their prisoners with a fine and fair to believers. Bani Auf remain in their tradition that allowed Islam, they pay Diyat to take others as before, and each group make up his prisoner with a fine and fair to believers. Banu Saidah remain on their tradition of Islam is allowed, some of them pay Diyat as before, some of them make up for his prisoner with a fine and fair to the people. Bani Al Harts still remain on their tradition of Islam is allowed, some of them pay Diyat, some of them make up for his prisoner with a fine and fair to the people. Bani An-Najjar remain on their tradition of Islam is allowed, some of them pay Diyat to some other, each group of prisoners they were redeemed by a good and fair to the people. Bani Amr bin Auf remain on their tradition of Islam is allowed, some of them pay Diyat to others as before, some of them make up for his prisoner with a fine, fair to people. Bani Al Aus remain in the tradition of Islam allowed them, most of them pay Diyat to others as before, each group of tawanamya redeem their good manner and justice to mankind. Believers should not be abandoned mufrah (people who have debt and have lots of family dependents) and they should give him money for the redemption of prisoners or Diyat pernbayaran a good way. Mukmiin people should not be allied with the former slaves of believers without involving the rnantan slave owners. Truly devout believers were united in the face of those who do injustice to them or people who want great oppression, or sin, or enmity, or damage to the believers. Believer people should not kill people who kill the believers and the unbelievers not believers should assist people in dealing with the pagan believers. Sesmgguhnya tapggungan God is one. People are the weakest among them were given protection and indeed the people of the Faithful is a supporter for others. Whoever among the Jews follows us, he was entitled to get help, together, they, not didzalimi and they should not be defeated. Indeed peace that believers one; the believer can not reconcile with other people in the war Mukrnin in the way of Allah except on the basis of equality and justice among them. All the troops who fought with us were dating interchangeably. Indeed some believers were killed because they kill some other believers. Truly devout believers are in the best guidance and most straight. Truly the Pagans may not protect the property or person of Quraysh their souls and should not move him to deal with the believers. Whoever killed a man without sin and Mukrnin evidence, he was murdered so unless the victim’s family forgave him. Indeed believers united in the face and they should enforce the law against the person. Those believers who believe in the contents of this agreement, believe in God and believe in defending unlawful Final Day. innovation and protect the perpetrators. Anyone defending heresy or protect the perpetrator, he got the curse of Allah and His wrath on the Day of Resurrection. Ransom not be taken from him. If you disagree on one issue, which is the return of Allaah and Muhammad Shallahu Alahi wa sallam. Those Jews are also affected by funding obligations as the same if they fought the enemy. Surely the Jews of Banu Awf urnat with believers. To the Jews their religion and for their religious believers. Slaves of their slaves and their souls (protected), except for those who do dzalim and sin, he did not destroy anyone who besides himself and his family. Indeed the Jews of Banu An-Najjar merniliki equal rights with the Jews of Banu Awf. Those Jews of Banu Al-Harith have the same rights derigan the Jews of Banu Awf. Those Jews of Banu Saidah have the same rights derigan rights of the Jews of Banu Awf. Surely the Jews of Banu Jusyam have equal rights with men of Bani Awf. Indeed the Jews of Banu al-Aus has the right to Sarna demgan rights of the Jews of Banu Awf. Those Jews of Banu Tsalabah have the same rights the rights of people demgan Jews of Banu Awf, except those who do dzahm and sinning, he does not destroy anyone who besides himself and his family. Jafnah Indeed, one of the same tribes as Tsa’labah FROM them. Indeed the Jews of Banu As Suthaibah have equal rights with the rights of the Jews of Banu Awf. Surely it should kebalkan blocking someone from evil. Surely the people slaves just like they Tsalabah. Indeed the family, the Jews just like them. None of the Jewish people should not be out of Medina except by permission of Muhammad peace be Alahi wa Saffam. Whoever killed, he killed himself and his family, except those who didzalimi, Allah is going to reject oppression and himself. For those affected the Jews of financing obligations (infak) and the Muslims are also affected by financing obligations (infak), and they were all obliged to provide a defense against those who fight against those who committed this agreement demgan. Advice and kindness must run in the middle of them. A person must not do evil to his allies and the defense (help) must be dibenkan to the dicizalimi alley. Those Jews must bennfak with believers when they fought the enemy. Indeed Yathrib unlawful for people who are in this pedanjian. Surely the neighbors are like the soul;! A not to be disturbed and should not be harmed. Indeed the honor should not be violated except by permission of the owner. If the people who are in this agreement or the conflict in the case of damage is feared, then where is the return to Allaah and Muhammad peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him. Allah is able to maintain this agreement. Those Quraysh should not be protected as well as the people who help them. Those who are bound demgan this agreement shall provide assistance (defense) against anyone who intend to attack saia Yathrib. If they are invited to make peace and are friends, they must make peace and friends. If they are invited to these things, they have the right to kecuah believers against those who fight against religion. Every human being has a part of their own as before. Indeed the Jewish orangorang Al Aus; slaves of their slaves and their souls have equal rights with people who are in this agreement, including the do good to those who are. in this agreement. Surely goodness it was different from ugliness. If someone mengeerjakan something, it was for himself. Verily Allah confirmed the contents of this agreement and meridhainya. Whoever out of Medina, he was safe. Anyone who settled in Medina, he was safe, except for those who do dzalim and sin. Verily Allah protect people to do good and righteous, and Muhammad is Rasullah (messenger of God) peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him


Ibn Ishaq said: On one occasion the Messenger of Allaah ‘alaihi wa sallam collect Qunaiqa Banu’ Qunaiqa market ‘and then said: “O Jews, fear the wrath of God you ever ditimpahkan him to the Quraysh. Enter into Islam you because you really have to know that I was a prophet sent by (God), as you find in the Book of Allah to you and promise to you! “And they said:” O Muhammad, do you think we are like your people? Do not be proud of the victory of a people who do not understand the science of war. By Allah, if we do you find in the war, surely you will know who we really are! “.

Ibn Hisham narrated from Abdullah bin Ja’far bin al-Makhramah from Musawwir ibn Abu Uwaha that an Arab woman arrived with her jewelry to the trade Qainuqa Jews of Banu ‘. He went to an elderly carpenter for menyepuhkan jewelry. He then sat down to wait until the Jewish elderly carpenter finished his work. All of a sudden there came some Jews gathered around him and asked the Arab woman, secretly the elderly carpenter was menyangkutkan end clothing that covers the entire body in the back.

When the woman opened up the rear private parts. Jews who saw him laughed out loud. The woman screamed for help. Heard the cry, one of the Muslims residing in that commercial builders quick to attack and kill Jewish elderly. Jews who were there then mengeroyoknya until the Muslims were also killed. Actions of the Jews who killed the Muslims that led to anger the Muslims, so there was war between the Muslims with the Jews of Banu Qunaiqa ‘. As such, they were the first Jews who violated the agreement made between them by the Prophet alaihi wa sallam.

The incident was according to history and Thabary ath-al-Waqidy, occurred in mid-Hijra Syawawal second year.

Then the Messenger of Allaah ‘alaihi wa sallam surrounded them for several days until they surrender and accept the punishment to be decided by the Messenger of Allaah’ alaihi wa sallam. Once they were under his authority, Abdullah bin Ubay came and said:
“O Muhammad, treat my companions were well.”

Request Abdullah ibn Ubay was being ignored by the Messenger of Allaah ‘alaihi wa sallam. Abdullah ibn Ubay repeats his request, but the Messenger of Allaah alaihi wa sallam turned away, putting his hand in his armor. His face looked angry, until his face was bright red. He reiterated his words as he showed his anger:
“Alas you, leave me!”. Ubay ibn Abdullah replied: “No, by Allah, I will not let go of you until you want to treat it with a good friend. Four hundred people without a shield and three hundred armed men have been defending me against all enemies, whether you’re trying to finish his life in a day? By Allah, I was really worried about that disaster! “. The Messenger of Allaah finally alaihi wa sallam said: “They were handed to you on condition that they must go out to leave Medina and should not be living near this city.”

The Jews of Banu Qainuqa ‘it and left Medina to a rustic named, Adzara’at in Sham area. Not long ago lived there, most of them die seized disaster.

As a Muslim who has a relationship “alliance” with the Jews of Banu Qainuqa ‘, as Abdullah bin Ubay, then, Shamit ibn Ubadah even came to the Messenger of Allaah’ alaihi wa sallam, then said: “I give loyalty to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala, His Messenger and the Believers, and I release myself from the bonds of communion with those who disbelieve it. ”

In connection with the two men (Abdullah bin Ubay bin Shamit and Ubadah) that Allah sends down His Word:
“O ye who believe, do not take Jews and Christians to be the leaders (you), some of them are leaders of some of the others. Whoever among you takes them into leaders, real people that they belonged to. Verily Allah does not guide the people who dzalim. Then you will see people who have the disease in his heart (the people Munafiq) race toward them (Jews and Christians), and said: “We are afraid of a disaster”. I hope God will bring victory (to His Messenger), or some decision from his side. Therefore, they were sorry for what they hide in them. “Surah Al-Maidah (5): 51-52

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Fasting and ramadhan   Leave a comment

The most prominent event of this month is fasting. Every day during the month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world get up before dawn to eat Sahur or Sehri or Sahari (meaning “something we eat at Sahar”), then they perform the fajr (or Sobh) prayer. They have to stop eating and drinking before the call for prayer starts until the fourth prayer of the day, Maghrib. Muslims break their fast at Magrib (at sunset) prayer time with a meal called Iftar. Muslims may continue to eat and drink after the sun has set until the next morning’s fajr prayer call. Then the process starts all over. Ramadan is a time of reflecting and worshiping God. Muslims are expected to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam and to avoid obscene and irreligious sights and sounds. Sexual activities during fasting hours are also forbidden.[7] Purity of both thoughts and actions is important. The fast is intended to be an exacting act of deep personal worship in which Muslims seek a raised awareness of closeness to God. The act of fasting is said to redirect the heart away from worldly activities, its purpose being to cleanse the inner soul and free it from harm. It also allows Muslims to practice self-discipline, self-control,[8] sacrifice, and empathy for those who are less fortunate; thus encouraging actions of generosity and charity (Zakat).[9] Muslims should start observing the fasting ritual upon reaching the age of puberty, so long as they are healthy, sane and have no disabilities or illnesses. The elderly, the chronically ill, and the mentally ill are exempt from fasting, although the first two groups must endeavor to feed the poor in place of their missed fasting. Also exempt are pregnant women, women during the period of their menstruation, and women nursing their newborns. A difference of opinion exists among Islamic scholars as to whether this last group must make up the days they miss at a later date, or feed poor people as a recompense for days missed.[10] While fasting is not considered compulsory in childhood, many children endeavour to complete as many fasts as possible as practice for later life. Lastly, those traveling (musaafir) are exempt, but must make up the days they miss.[11] More specifically, Twelver Shī‘ah define those who travel more than 40 mi (64 km) in a day as exempt.[9] The elderly or those who suffer from a disability or disease and have no prospect of getting better in the future can pay the cost of Iftar for a person who cannot afford it, or else they can host such a person in their house and have him eat with them after sunset as a way of repaying for the days they could not fast.[11] A person who is observing Ramadan might break the fast accidentally, due to having forgotten it. In such an instance, one might spit out the food being eaten or cease the forbidden activity, immediately upon remembering the fast. This can usually happen in the early days of Ramadan because that person might have not yet been acclimated into fasting from dawn till dusk. When Ramadan came to overshadow Ashura in importance, it took on some characteristics of the latter. According to a well-known hadith, the person who observes Ramadan properly will have all their past sins forgiven. According to another, “When Ramadan arrives, Heaven’s gates are opened, Hell’s gates are closed, Satan is chained up and jinns are also locked up” and who ever dies will enter paradise.[6] There are exceptions in certain Muslim communities that deny practising fasting in Ramadan such as Alevi people in Turkey

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A MAN in ISLAMIC culture   1 comment

In the beginning the Lord addresses all the angels: “I want to create a vicegerent on earth,” (Pay attention to the worth of man in Islam. Even the Post-Renaissance European humanism has not been able to bestow such an exalting sanctity upon man.). God, being the greatest and most exalting from a faithful Muslim point of view, addresses the angels to introduce His vicegerent. Thus, with this providential address the mission of man on earth is clarified. That is, man’s mission on earth is to fulfill God’s creative work in the universe. Therefore, man’s first superiority is that he represents God on earth. The angels objected, “Do you want to create a revengeful and vindictive creature to commit crime and bloodshed on earth again?” But God responds, “I know something you know not.” And so, God became engaged in creating man. And this is the point which symbols, loaded with profound anthropological connotations, come into being. Since God wants to create a vicegerent for Himself on earth, He must, as a rule, choose the most valuable and sacred material. Yet He selects the basest matter. In the Qur’an there are three references relative to the material that man was made of: from a sounding clay, like unto pottery, and from mud. Finally, the Lord breathed His spirit into the dry mud and man came into being. In the human tongue God is the most sacred and exalted being, while mud stands as a symbol of the meanest and the basest thing. And the spirit of God is the most sacred, exalting, and the noblest “part” of His being. Accordingly, in creating man, God did not use His “breath, “blood,” or “flesh”; rather He blew His own Soul into man. God is the most sublime being and His spirit is the finest entity for which man can possibly have an epithet in his language. Thus, man who was formed from mud and God’s spirit is a two- dimensional being. For unlike all other beings which are one dimensional, man is two-dimensional; one dimension tends towards mud, lowliness, sedimentation, and stagnation while the other aspires to the loftiest imaginable point possible. So man is composed of two contradictions-mud and God’s spirit. Thus man’s signifi- cance and grandeur lie in the fact that he possesses two poles (mud and the spirit of the Lord). It is up to man to choose where to go, towards mud or providence. And as long as he has not selected either of the poles as his fate, struggle will perpetually rage within him. Once man was created, God taught him the names. It is not yet clear what these names were, but every commentator has said something that leaves no doubt that God was talking about education and instruction. In any case, when the creation of man ended, God taught all the names. Man became a possessor of names. At this point the angels protested: “We are made from smokeless fire but man was made from mud. Why should he have superiority over us?” Whereby the Lord responded: “I know something you know not. Bow down to man.” The angels of all ranks prostrated themselves before man. This is what humanism is all about. Do you see the extent of man’s grandeur? So lofty is his position that the angels, in spite of their natural and racial superiority (light vs mud), adored Adam. How- ever, since the angels protested, the Lord, in order to test them, asked them to recite the names but they could not answer. In this test the angels were defeated and the superiority and virtue of Adam was established. Superiority depends upon knowledge of the names. Man knows things which angels do not know. This is indicative of the fact that nobility depends upon knowledge and intelligence rather than upon racial superiority.

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